Dry Solvee (New Packaging)

Oil Remover and Spot Lifter for Fabric


Highly efficient oil stain remover that dissolves and removes oil-based stains on fabrics easily and quickly

Product excellence :
1. Dry Solvee Spray is a cleaner for oil stains found on any type of clothing material.
2. Efficiency of Dry Solvee Spot Remover, which cleans the oil in the material easily and quickly, does not cause stains and pollution.
3. Very easy to use and the results are maximum.

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How to use:

1. Shake well  before use
2. Make sure the oil stains on the material have been spotted and dry.
3. Spray Dry Solvee to the part of the clothes you want to stain at a distance of 20-30cm from the stain area on the material.
4. Let the liquid soak until the liquid cools and becomes a powder.
5. After drying, wipe off the powder using a dry towel/soft brush/vacuum/pat. More effective when sprayed with air compressor.

Old Packaging is also Available

Request to our Customer Helper to get Dry Solvee with old packaging