Bullmer KW-2000E

Servo Spreader


The KW2000E Servo Spreader is a PLC system-controlled auto-spreading solution with multi-fabric opening devices for high-precision tension-free laying of knitted and woven fabrics.

Fabric tightness is adjustable by servo control with memory function. Moreover, the automatic rise-fall blade holder ensures that the cut holder and fabric are in a fixed height, Auto cloth cutting and sharpening functions are also available. Optional and catcher device accommodates one-way spreading or zigzag spreading.




Improve Productivity
(vs Traditional Production Mode)

Auto spreader can work in high speed over long time with stable quality and high productivity. If works 10 hours a day, the KW2000E spreader can spread fabric for 10 thousand meters under Zigzag spreading, which equivalent to the laying length by 4-6 workers.

– Enhance Corporate Image

– Improve Production Environment, Reduce Working Intensity

– Enhance Product Quality

Automatic and tension-free laying improve efficiency and profitability

Improve Traditional PMS

The application of auto spreader will stabilize the output of laying, and make the production data more accurate, which is helpful to arrange order production: Moreover, by reducing workers and management dissipation, the traditional PMS is innovated.


-Servo motor control, positioning and feeding accuracy have been greatly improved

-Electronic parameter control with higher precision and easier operation


-The application of PCB integrated power device increases component stability and is easier in maintenance.


 -Auto sharpening device: auto knife sharpening system is controlled by cutting frequency, parameter can be adjusted

-Auto lifting function: motor-driven lift for cutting unit, with automatic height adjustment at ply height

-Margin flatting device the best solution for the knit fabric with curly margin

– Lanyard start-stop function: greatly reduces the labor intensity, and enhances working efficiency.