Bullmer D8003

High-Ply Cutter


Bullmer High-Ply Cutter D8003 : The maximum height of this high ply cutter, is 50mm and 80mm, which is particularly designed for robust and heavy duty. It represents the highest level in the world in performance, productivity, accuracy and reliability. Nevertheless, it still offers low maintenance and cost-effective operation.

It is the best choice for garment industry.

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Hardware Advantages


Knife Intelligence Technology
Knife drive with sensor will continuously adjust the angle of knife in response to the knife deviation, which guarantees the cutting precision.

Double Knife Plate Technology
The cutting head has two knife plates: big and small plates, the small one does not contact fabric when it works, while the big plate press the fabric, therefore, cutting quality is enhanced by avoiding cut pieces misplacement.

Auto Cleaning Device
During bitefeed, Bullmer cutter will clean the scrap in bristles bricks automatically, while other brands take one more day to do manual cleaning.

– Auto Lubrication System, patent technology that extend the life time of bullmer cutter.

– Dust free and constant temperature technology of Electric Control System with low fault rate.

– Drawer design of the Electric Control Box, easy maintenance.

– Alloy casting cutting head is made mould with high accuracy and long life time.

– Cutter base adopts aluminum profile, which will never rust and is more stable, thus machine life will be extended.

– X/Y axis guide rail adopts enclosed linear modules, dust proof and free of maintenance.

Software Advantages

– Auto cutting speed optimization depending on the shapes of cutting pieces. 

– Auto identification of outside and inside corners of cutting pieces.

– Auto regulation of knife frequency with the cutting speed 

– Auto reduction of cutting speed with short distance between cut pieces

– Parameter adjustable during cutting process.

– Memory function when power off.

– Transversal cut of scrap

– Multi-markers cutting