Bullmer D100S

High Ply Cutter


Bullmer D100S high-ply automatic cutting machine is a specially designed for the requirements of high precision and high efficiency. After vacuum, the cutting height is increased to 10cm, and the production efficiency is directly increased by 25%.

The high-performance German imported cutting software can face all the high-demand cutting processes. The vacuum performance is greatly improved; and the cutting head noise is reduced by 10%, which makes the workshop environment much quieter and comfortable. Standard equipped with intelligent running management system, including cutting expert system, predictive maintenance system, equipment status monitoring system, data analysis system, order management system, etc.

Bullmer intelligence, help you smart first!

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Hardware Advantages


High-performance Knife Drive Structure
Knife drive adopts multistage balance wheel structure, supporting 6000Hz ultra-high knife frequency. Fully enclosed knife drive structure, stable structure and durable.

Knife Intelligence Technology
A high-precision sensor is installed on the knife guide, which detects the slight deformation of the knife in real time during the cutting process, and immediately corrects the knife running track to ensure high-precision cutting.

Double Plates
The cutting head has two knife plates: big and small plates, the small one does not contact fabric when it works, while the big plate press the fabric, therefore, cutting quality is enhanced by avoiding cut pieces misplacement.

Automatic Cleaning Technology
Automatic cleaning system, which automatically cleans each bristle brick deeply while bitefeed, greatly increase the service life of bristle bricks.

Integrated Cutting Head
The cutting head frame adopts one-piece casting structure, one-time forming, high precision, light weight and stable structure.

Knife Drive Automatic Lubrication Technology

The automatic refueling system can automatically atomize the lubricating oil and spray it on the surface of the moving parts inside the knife drive, fully lubricating the high-speed running knife drive structure, ensuring that the knife drive can run at high speed for a long time, and extend the service life.

Electronic Control System
The drawer type electric control cabinet meets the IP65 protection level requirements, all components meet the CE certification requirements, and the installation of industrial grade electric control cabinet special air conditioner can keep the electric control cabinet constant temperature, constant humidity and dust-free. Extend the life of control box and reduce the failure rate of electronic control systems.

Aluminum cutter base
The whole cutter base adopts aviation-grade aluminum profile splicing structure, with high precision, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, and lasting for a long time. Support multiple sizes for customization. Adopt linear module, fully enclosed structure, dust-proof and maintenance-free, low noise, safe and reliable.

Software Advantages

– Parameter adjustable during cutting process
– Multi-markers cutting
– Bullmer loT
– Support Interconnecting production management systems such as ERP and MES – Support interconnecting all bullmer’s equipments

– Support interconnecting the network


– Auto cutting speed optimization depending on the shapes of cutting pieces
– Auto regulation of knife frequency with the cutting speed.
– Intelligent critical speed reduction
– Auto identification of outside and inside corners of cutting pieces
– Transversal cut of scrap
– Power off memory function