Amaya XT16

Single Head Embroidery Machine



Amaya XT16 Single Head Embroidery Machine

Amaya XT16 with 16 needle embroidery machine has to be one of the most compact units that can carry out heavy embroidery projects. The Amaya has incorporated some of the most powerful features to help you successfully achieve all the embroidery projects from your customers. The industry standard machine will run heavy textile projects such as jeans, jackets, bags, blankets and leather designs.

There are several new performance and time-saving features, most notably the completely redesigned Lower Arm Assembly and Auto Trimming System.

AMAYA is the only embroidery system to offer:
* The largest cap sewing field in the industry
* Unique modular embroidery system
* Precise thread tension with the Acti-Feed™ thread tension technology
* Embroidery Speed – Consistent speeds of up to 1500 stitches per minute irrelevant of machine configuration
* Precise laser tracing eye
* 16 Color backup system

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16 Colors with Backup System

AMAYA XT features the embroidery industry’s first Color Backup System. Users can program groups of needles together so in the event of a thread break, the AMAYA XT will automatically switch to the backup a needle and continue to stitch. The Color Backup System can easily be configured for both multi- and single-head production.

Acti-Feed™ Tensioning

With speeds up to 1500 spm the exclusive Acti-Feed system feeds the thread smoothly and automatically adjusts thread tensions so you don’t have to. This professional embroidery system ensures that you will get the same perfect quality on every sew–out.
> Acti-Feed Thread Tensioning™

High-Speed Pantograph

All of the structural and moving parts are located above the garment, virtually eliminating the possibility of the material getting caught by the pantograph. The optimized x/y-beam with carriage means precise positioning when embroidering at high speeds.

Cylindrical Lower Arm and High-Performance Hook

AMAYA XT features the smallest cylindrical lower arm in the embroidery industry–providing the largest cap stitch field available. Specially coated high-performance rotary hook performs at speeds up to 1500 stitches per minute and requires less oiling than standard hooks.

Smallest Cylindrical Lower Arm

Ultimate Cap Stitching Demands by consumers and ever-changing fashion trends require the need to stitch an increasing variety of embroidery products at high speeds. AMAYA XT’s cylindrical lower arm, the smallest in the industry, gives you the ability to embroider the widest range of caps and visors as well as pockets, children’s garments, and golf club covers at speeds that can’t be achieved with other commercial embroidery systems.

Other new features and Advancements:

  1. Automatic Tie-In and Tie-Out Stitches
  2. 66% Reduction in Bobbin Tail Length
  3. New Needle Plate Design
  4. New Hoop Arms
  5. Redesigned Thread Tube Assembly
  6. New Grabber Blade
  7. New Bobbin Case Access Panel
  8. New Optional Accessory—XL Hoop


Needles 16 (The Industry Leader)
Maximum Stitches Per Minute
On Flats
1500 (The Industry leader)
Maximum Stitches Per Minute
On Caps
1200 (The Industry Leader)
Maximum Tubular Frame Size 500 mm x 430 mm (19.7” x 16.9”)
Maximum Sew Field/
Tubular Frame
410 mm x 400 mm (16.1” x 15.7”)
Wide Angle Cap Frame 362 mm x 82 mm (14.25” x 3.23”)
Conventional Cap Frame 152 mm x 70 mm (5.9” x 2.75”)
Stitch Length Range Only Limited By Hoop Size
Machine Configuration Up To 30 (See AMAYA OS V9 Specs)
Self-Diagnostics Capability Collects Machine Data for
Lighting Cold Bright LED
Motor Types Servo
Motor Capacity (W) X and Z: 100 Watts, Y: 250 Watts
Machine Construction Material Aluminium
Measurements W/CART Width 724 mm (28.5”), Height 1669 mm
(65.7”), Depth 779 mm (30.7”), Weight
95.5 kg (210.5 lbs).

Measurements W/O CART

Width 724 mm (28.5”), Height 952 mm
(37.48”), Depth 741 mm (29.2”), Weight
74.6 kg (164.5 lbs).
Power Supply (V) 90–260V (Single Phase, 50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption (W) Typical: 200 Watts, Max: 650 Watts