Allumia K30MP

LED Light for Sewing Machine (30 Spots LED)


ALLUMIA K30MP Sewing Machine Lamp [30-Point LED] is a sewing machine lamp that uses a magnet to attach the lamp to an iron body sewing machine. This LED light has an elastic pole / flexible pipe so that the light can be adjusted in the direction you want.

– Save more energy
– No glare
– Durable and long-lasting
– Voltage: 110-220V, 0.5W, 50/60HZ

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Allumia K30MP

LED light with strong magnetic mount, easy to place anywhere.

– Main voltage 110 – 240 V AC/50Hz-60Hz
– LED light with strong magnetic mount, -easy to place on all metal / steel objects
– LED lights for various purposes
– Equipped with a magnet on the body, so it is easy to attach to all iron / steel objects
– Bright but not dazzling lighting
– The light is white, does not affect the object that is exposed to the light
– Save electricity, only 1.2 watts
– Hotproof

How to use :

1. Adjust the elastic pole/flexible pipe on the LED light in the direction you want

2. Use a magnet to attach the lamp to the iron body sewing machine

3. The lamp is attached/connected to the dynamo/on-off switch on the sewing machine

4. This LED light can only be attached to an iron body sewing machine (industrial & traditional sewing machine), if the buyer uses a plastic body sewing machine, then this LED light can be attached with the help of glue/double tape


Type : Proboscis / Flexible Pipe + Magnet
Lamp Type: 30-Point LED
Voltage : 110-220V, 0.5W, 50/60HZ
LED 30 Point Lights