Allumia 820MP

20 Point LED Power Plug Sewing Machine Light

Indohose Allumia 820MP Electric Plug Magnet Sewing Machine Light – 20 Point LED

Brand: Allumia
Model : Led Light For Sewing Machine (20 LED Points)
Made In China
Product 100% ORIGINAL

1. Light Color : White
2. LED light with strong magnetic mount, and easy to place anywhere on all iron / steel objects
3. Mains voltage 110 – 240 V AC/50Hz-60Hz
4. Comfortable for the eyes so it doesn’t cause sore eyes and fatigue easily
5. LED lights for various lighting purposes
6. Bright lighting but not dazzling
7. Save electricity, only 1 watt
8. Not easy to heat

How to use:
1. Adjust the elastic pole/flexible pipe on the LED lamp in the direction you want
2. Attach the lamp to the iron body sewing machine/anything that can attach to a magnet
3. The lamp is installed/connected to the on-off dynamo (For Skun) / Switch (For Electrical Plugs) on the sewing machine
4. This LED light can only be attached to iron-bodied sewing machines or objects that can attach to magnets (industrial & traditional sewing machines). If the buyer uses a plastic body sewing machine, then this LED light can be attached with the help of glue/double-sided tape .

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