Jack A8+

Intelligent Feeding Oil-Free Lockstitch Machine


The Jack A8+ is a lockstitch sewing machine that combines the best of two machines, the Jack A5E working area, and Jack A7 feed dog system, so A8+ have the ability to adapt to the most varied type of fabrics with just the touch of a button.

A8+ Feature :
– Automatic thread trimmer
– Automatic presser foot lifting
– Automatic and programmable backtrack
– Electronic stitch length
– Jack A7 Feed Dog System
– A working area of 262x130mm
– Bobbin filler while working
– Silent motor
– Sealed oil pan
– Automatic detection of fabric layers
– Table and shelf with wheels


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Intelligent Feeding Oil-Free Lockstitch

Jack’s patented design of electronic feeding technology, stepping motor controls up and down, horizontal feeding mechanism, digitally adjust the timing of feeding synchronization, which achieves industry-leading convex feeding track.
It can choose different modes through the operation panel to easily deal with high-quality sewing of various fabrics.

Sewing Bone Smoothly, No Broken Needle

When the material is too thick, the machine automatically recognizes the position of the bone. Through the advanced control system, the core components are coordinated, the motor torque is increased, the cloth feeding trajectory is changed, the machine’s ability to sew thick material is improved, and the problems of needle breakage, thread breakage, and needle code accumulation are reduced.

Double-Knife, Optional Less Bird’s Nest, No Trimming

Less bird’s nest cooperated the stepper motor feeding, initial sewing without bird-nest. After trimming, the thread tail within 3mm with double knife, no need to trim again. Unique thread locking technology, no matter how short the thread is, it will not loose


Semi-Dry Head, Oil Free

The head is a semi-dry design, which makes sure that the machine can be fully lubricated even in high-speed operation. Avoid lubricating oil polluting sewing materials, it is the first choice for high-end sewing.